Most Recent Reel


MARS – Modular Auto Rigging System

Rig individual ‘modules’ or combine modules to rig whole character. Allows the rigging of bipeds and Quadrupeds, modules may be combined to rig hybrids such as Centaurs, Satyrs, etc…
video link

Strings – Character Picker Designer

Visually create Character Pickers in minutes, instead of dealing with coding.
video link

Pose Library Tool – Save and Load Poses

Save & Apply poses. Poses can be applied per section or to the whole rig with the use of ‘pose sets’ (just a grouping of controls). Create new pose sets at any point.

Bakery (Geometry Caching Tool)

Eases the process of caching geometry for Lighting & Rendering.

Old Reel (2012)

Rigging Reel 2012



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